WandaVision Easter Eggs: Hidden gems, whimsical references, and marvellous surprises

With the recent series finale of WandaVision and Easter season upon us, we thought we’d take the time to decipher some of the many Easter eggs and added details hidden away in the series.

From comic book references to in-jokes and nods to other movies, WandaVision is chock-full of not-so-hidden clues.

So, let’s make like the Easter bunny and hop right in!

✦ Spoilers for all episodes of WandaVision season 1 ahead –  consider yourself warned!

– Halloween outfits –

Let’s start with one you probably know. In the Halloween episode, Wanda and Vision’s outfits are not in fact a Sokovian fortune teller and a Mexican wrestler outfit but instead their original comic book outfits!

– Vision’s Job –


As we know, Vision was born of Ultron and J.A.R.V.I.S., and he’s basically a walking computer. Seems apt that he works in Computational Services, and despite not having a clue what he’s doing or why, is said to “speak the language” of the computers.

– Billy and Tommy’s Outfits –


Billy is always wearing red and Tommy is always wearing blue. Billy seems to have inherited some elements of his mum’s telepathic powers, and Tommy seems to have his uncle’s speed. Wanda always wore red and Pietro blue in the movies, so could this be another nod to the wider MCU outside of Westview?

– House of M wine –


When Wanda and Vision have Vision’s boss and wife around for dinner, the wine poured is called “Maison de Mepris”, which translates to “house of contempt”…or, more simply, House of M, a major Scarlet Witch comic storyline.

– Auntie A’s Kitty Litter and Bova Milk –

In the Bewitched style opening credits in episode 2, Wanda’s in a supermarket and we can see Auntie A’s kitty litter and Bova milk. Why is that significant? Well, in the comics, Agnes Harkness is Wanda’s mentor, and her familiar is a black cat who can turn into a black panther – so this must be a sneaky nod to things to come further in the series! Bova milk is significant because in one version of Wanda and Pietro’s childhood, they are raised by a giant anthropomorphised cow called…you guessed it, Bova!

– The Cabinet of Mysteries –


Not sure if this is an Easter egg per se, but the cabinet’s design represents the Mind Stone, which lives on Vision’s head!

– Glamour and Illusion –


The stage names Wanda and Vision use in their magic show, Glamour and Illusion, are the names of two friends in the comic books, who use their powers to perform magic tricks while pretending to be human, and protect the couple from neighbours who don’t like that a mutant and a synthezoid has moved into their town.

– Jimmy Woo’s Magic –

Agent Jimmy Woo gives his business card to Monica with a “flourish”, as Vision would say. His nifty little magician hand movement is a nice follow-on to when we see him trying to learn magic tricks in his FBI office after Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man, astounds him with some card tricks!

– Simser Paint –

When Wanda paints the nursery, she uses Simser branded paint. Jeremy Simser is a storyboard artist on the show!


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– Sparky the Dog –

In 2016’s Vision #6, a lonely Vision settles down in suburbia with a synthezoid family. He creates Sparky, an android dog using the brainwaves of a neighbour’s dog who died after digging up the Grim Reaper (long story!). Virginia, Vision’s wife, beats Sparky to death in a fit of rage after daughter Viv reacts badly to her mum indirectly causing the death of one of her classmates. Give Sparky a break, Marvel!

– Evan Peters’ X-Men Pietro –

We know fake Pietro is the Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Men series. Could this not-very-subtle casting choice be a nod to the fact that in some comic storylines, Wanda and Pietro join the X-Men together – which technically could now happen with Disney buying the X-Men franchise from Fox? As well as this, fake Pietro’s hair in the Halloween episode looked very much like Wolverine’s, and WandaVision crew have confirmed that this was a deliberate choice to make it seem like the two franchises were colliding.

– Wanda vs Hayward –


While we’re talking X-Men, let’s look at the fact that when Wanda comes out of Westview to tell Hayward not to interfere, she turns Hayward’s men’s guns on him – a trick used by Magneto in the first X-Men movie. Could be coincidental, but in some of the comics, Wanda and Pietro’s father is none other than Magneto. Combined with the little cross-over from X-Men’s version of Quicksilver, could there be something more here?

– ‘Kick-Ass’ Reference –

Tommy says “yeah, kick ass!” at Pietro’s suggestion to go get candy, and Wanda mutters “kick ass?” Sure, it could be a moment to show that even superhero parents hear their kids picking up phrases they might not want them to say, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fun little reference to the fact that the film Kick-Ass is led by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (MCU’s Quicksilver actor), who has a buddy called Todd (played by Evan Peters, or X-Men’s Quicksilver) who tries to take up Kick Ass’s mantle in Kick Ass 2 by becoming Ass-Kicker. It’s probably not that deep, but I think it’s a definite nod to a film featuring both Quicksilver variants as vigilante heroes!

– Maria “Photon” Rambeau –


We see this nickname for Monica’s mum on a plaque when Monica visits Hayward, and we later see Monica begin to show superpowers. In the comics, her superhero alter ego is called Photon.

– The Hex –


Darcy calls the border around Wanda’s world “the hex” due to the hexagonal shapes. Fun fact: in the comics, Wanda’s magic isn’t called chaos magic – it’s actually called hex magic. Sneaky comic book reference for the mega fans? You decide!

– The Coronet theatre –


In the town square, there’s a cinema with listings outside. That could probably be a whole article in itself, as in true Marvel style, each listing seems to have some kind of reference to the Marvel universe. However, one key listing is in the Halloween episode, when The Incredibles and The Parent Trap are advertised on the board outside the theatre. Both films are Disney films, with one featuring a superhero family settling down in the suburbs and hiding their abilities, and one featuring twins who were separated reuniting. Coincidence? I think not!

– Wizard of Oz –


Another show we spot playing at the Coronet is Oz: The Great and Powerful. Fitting as Wanda is a witch in control of her very own Oz! Also, when she and Agatha fight, she throws a car at Agatha and we see Agatha’s boots sticking out from underneath, much like in the Wizard of Oz (1939) when the Wicked Witch of the West has a house dropped on her and just her boots are left sticking out.

Another fitting Wizard of Oz reference is the fact that Agnes is found with Wanda’s dead family dog, a possible play on the famous line uttered by the Wicked Witch in the movie; “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!”

– Wanda’s Licence Plate –

Wanda’s licence plate in the credits in episode 7 has the number 122822 on it. In the American time/date system, this would refer to December 28 1922, which is the birth date of Marvel comics legend Stan Lee, who used to have a cameo in every Marvel before he passed away. In the following episode, Wanda drives a car with a real licence plate number, which has the word “Excelsior” written beneath it – a word Stan Lee used to sign off to fans for decades. Both references feel like a nice tribute to keep a Stan Lee reference in even now!

– Comic Cover Brought to Life? –

When Wanda and Vision are in the midst of pregnancy-induced chaos, they strike an unusual pose – one that looks pretty similar to the front cover of the first issue of the comic The Vision and The Scarlet Witch!

– Agnes/Ralph –

Okay, so not so much an Easter egg and more of a theory, but Agnes mentions her husband Ralph a fair amount throughout the show and we never actually see him. She says in the first episode that the only way Ralph would remember their anniversary would be if there was a beer named June 2nd. Nothing peculiar until you realise that June 2nd was the day of the Salem Witch trials, when women were accused of being witches and marrying the devil. And Agnes is a witch so…is Ralph the devil?! This could also make sense because in the comics, Tommy and Billy are actually inadvertently made from parts of the soul of Mephisto, a powerful demon, as Vision and Wanda can’t procreate in the, ahem, traditional way. Pietro says “unleash hell, demon spawn!” to Billy and Tommy as they run off to get Halloween candy too, so maybe that’s another nod to this.

– Skrulls –


We see Jimmy Woo writing on a whiteboard which says “skrulls” in the corner. We know Talos the skrull has been impersonating Nick Fury, so this could be a nod to the upcoming Secret Invasion Disney + show.

✦ Did you spot any Easter eggs in WandaVision? Let us know in the comments, or tell us which is your favourite from this list! 


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