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Train to Busan 2: Peninsula Trailer Released

Last week the trailer for Peninsula, the sequel to the 2016 South Korean action-horror film Train to Busan, was unleashed on audiences across the globe. If you’re yet to watch Train to Busan, we suggest doing so right away in order to avoid spoilers and to prepare yourself for the much anticipated sequel.

Those who enjoyed the first film will be happy to see that Yeon Sang-ho is back in the director’s chair, and writer Park Joo-suk is still on board. Fans of Peninsula’s predecessor first got a taste of the impending film when a teaser was released back in April. Now, the official trailer gives a bigger and better understanding of the films direction.

Click below to view trailer:

The Lowdown

The original zombie flick takes place on the train from Seoul to Busan, with the film centring on a father and daughter trying to survive the epidemic. This time around, it looks like Peninsula won’t have any appearances from actors in the first film (which makes sense, given its death toll), and the setting seemingly takes place in an apocalyptic version of the film’s titular location.

Peninsula’s trailer confirms that the film’s action looks to be on a much larger scale. Four years on from the outbreak, there’s epic shots of zombie outbreaks against the backdrop of a hauntingly bleak, decimated setting. There’s flares, fires, and even some Fast & Furious style getaway driving. The sequel sure screams an action-packed blockbuster ride full of explosions, whilst still presenting an intriguing and (hopefully) as well written storyline as the first.

From the movie’s distributor, Well Go USA Entertainment’s description, it seems the plot will focus on a soldier who previously escaped the diseased wasteland having to relive the horror when he’s assigned to a covert operation; the objective being to retrieve and survive.

When is it out?

One key detail missing from the trailer though, is a confirmed release date. We suspect this is due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, so we’ll be eagerly awaiting an update on this. Here’s hoping that when the time is right, we can all watch it on the big screen.


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