The Rise of Skywalker FINAL Trailer

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As The Rise of Skywalker theatrical release draws nearer, hype for the last ever film in this triple trilogy just got real. The last trailer and poster have been officially launched. If you haven’t seen any of these where exactly have you been?! The final trailer dropped last night and we just couldn’t be more excited! This is the last one so there will undoubtedly be a lot of mixed emotions and, let’s just prepare for the tears as well. According to Lucasfilm this movie will bring together everything and conclude the story which started all those years ago in a galaxy far, far away in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. We will even experience the longest Star Wars movie to date with a 2h 35min run time.

Final Poster

The final poster was revealed via the official Star Wars Twitter account the other day:



The Rise of Skywalker will answer all of our questions (we hope) and will finally reveal which Skywalker is rising and, from where. It is easy to hash a guess that it could be Rey, but, once you really start to think about it and your brain quickly starts to spiral out of control, it really could be well, anyone. What we do know is that Palpatine is looking to make an appearance in this film, we got an eerie laugh at the end of the previous trailer and now we see an empty throne and then some twisted voice over about everyone coming together as planned.

The one question that burns our brain is that, will the big man show up? Surely, if they are thinking about bringing Palpatine back they can make an acceptation for Darth Vader. After all, it is, sort of about him and his legacy – “no one is ever really gone”. Yes, it’s all very exciting, Dec 19 can’t come quick enough.


So, from the trailer we might hazard a guess that some characters might be leaving us. What is happening to C-3PO? It looks like some cute goblin baby is performing brain surgery on him, and if his words are to be believed, “taking one last look at my friends” might be the end for the witty droid. But, on the other hand, there might be light at the end of the saga yet.

Luke ends the voice over on the trailer with, “The Force will be with you” and then Leia finishes off the last beat of the trailer with “always”. I mean if this didn’t hit you like a punch straight into the gut are you even a Star Wars fan?

Check out the stills from the The Rise of Skywalker so far.


Pre-book tickets went on sale early this morning in cinemas across the globe. The film is launching on Dec 19 in the UK but the majority of the posters say Dec 20. We know that in the UK it will definitely be the 19 of December though. It appears as though the multiplexes are hoping to fill up the midnight screening showings and our local Odeon are even screening the trilogy starting at 18:00. We anticipate that this will probably be a really busy one so make sure to book your tickets ASAP for your pick of the best seats. We have ours already!

Thanks for checking out this post and, may the force be with you… always.


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