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The Batman Is Vengeance In First Teaser Trailer

At the DC FanDome Event in August, Warner Bros. finally gave us a sneak peak of Director Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman film. Whilst Christian Bale may be the fan favourite for previous Batman portrayals, Robert Pattinson is taking over as the caped crusader, and we have to say, he looks pretty impressive in the new role.

Who else is starring?

The trailer not only shows Pattinson donning the new Bat-suit and some heavy black eye makeup, but we also think we got a good look at the film’s main villain, The Riddler. Paul Dano is introduced as the figure, wearing a mask and armed with duct tape, seemingly having just murdered someone and using them to send a message: ‘NO MORE LIES’. Later on, we hear Dano’s voice; you can tell it’s him, but it’s been distorted enough to ooze ambiguity and sheer creepiness.

The trailer also introduced Catwoman and the Penguin, Batman’s other antagonists. Colin Farrell is completely unrecognisable as the Penguin (we presumably have some epic prosthetics and makeup efforts to thank here), whilst Zoe Kravitz takes on Catwoman in what looks like a very early iteration of her iconic costume. It’s suggested that, like Pattinson’s Batman, Catwoman is in the early stages of her work.

We also see Westworld star Jeffrey Wright take on the role of James Gordon. His distinct soft tone is unmissable as he aids Batman in detective work, but it doesn’t look like he’s in the role of the Gotham City Police Department commissioner just yet.

If you expected to hear the familiar voice of Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, then you may have got a surprise upon hearing the voice of Andy Serkis. That’s right, it looks like Serkis is taking a break from his usual motion-capture acting by playing Batman’s faithful butler and father figure.

What’s the teaser trailer telling us?

The teaser offers a nightmarish take on Gotham City to the sound of Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’. It indicates that it’s set early on in Bruce Wayne’s Batman career, in which the crusader is finding his feet as Gotham’s protector; whilst it’s not deemed to be an origin story, audiences will see Batman in the time before he developed his entire ‘branding’ as a symbol of hope, if you like.

Perhaps central to the plot is the fact that Wayne looks to be on a mission to unearth Gotham’s corruption, with the help of James Gordon. Simultaneously, Riddler is on Batman’s case, wanting to play a game with him by leaving a menacing and mysterious card full of symbols to kick it off, and continuing to wreak havoc with his violent and murderous ways. Catwoman and Penguin also look to be taking on the Batman as a series of shots entail; Catwoman is seen robbing a safe and tussling with the Batman himself, whilst Penguin sends his henchmen for a face-off and crazily drives a getaway car in what looks like a chase scene.

In this take on the Batman, Pattinson’s character certainly appears to be more rough and ready when it comes to the onscreen violence. He’s aggressive and even refers to himself as “vengeance”. In the final moments, he unmasks and looks a lot more troubled than the previous depictions of Wayne.

When can we watch it?

The current release date is set for 1 October 2021, giving fans plenty of time to divulge the teaser and prepare to see Reeves take the character in what looks to be a new direction.


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