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Prison Break Season 6 Rumours Resurface

Leading stars of the Fox TV series have fans ecstatic at the thought of a fresh season, thanks to cryptic social media posts.

Followers of Prison Break are not adverse to the show’s habit of keeping things under wraps. First airing in 2005, the thrilling crime drama became a success and spanned for 4 seasons until 2008. With the fourth season finale seemingly tying up the story and encouraging supporters to say farewell to an end of an era, it came as a huge shock when Fox revived the series a whole 9 years later. Now, it seems we could be in for another surprise as Season 6 might be in the pipeline.

Rumours have been surfacing over the last year on whether or not another season was in development. More recently, major cast members have sparked further hype, with Dominic Purcell (aka Lincoln Burrows) posting an old Prison Break clip alongside the caption “#prisonbreak6…patience”. We’d like to take that as a direct nod to a confirmed reprisal happening, with him still signed up for the job.

This did not go without confusion though, when fans compared his message to Wentworth Miller’s. Miller portrays Purcell’s on-screen brother Michael, and just weeks before Purcell’s post, he took to Instagram to tell fans their enthusiasm is appreciated, but he had no idea when, or if, there will be a new season.

If that wasn’t complex enough, Purcell later posted that if the story is worthy, it will get made, but hinted at how the Coronavirus could delay any direct confirmation. Since that news, Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Dr Sara Tancredi, posted an Instagram throwback of her on-screen family.

Just 4 days ago, Miller has even gone back to the platform to remind fans of Michael’s most important prop. Whilst it could be considered a nice throwback appreciation post, we think the timing of this is yet another nod to a new season coming our way. Miller writes a bit of backstory about his character’s watch, an item which is central to the show’s plot – could this be a hint in the direction of the possible new season?

With so much ambiguity, there’s either something in the water or the stars are just having a bit of fun with fans. We’d like to hedge our bets that they’re dropping us breadcrumbs and creating a buzz.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting for Fox to release a statement on this, and in the meantime, you can find us re-binging seasons 1-5.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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