The Rise of Skywalker FINAL Trailer

THE SAGA OF A LIFETIME WILL COME TO AN END THIS DECEMBER, SEE THE STUNNING VISUALS As The Rise of Skywalker theatrical release draws nearer, hype for the last ever film in this triple trilogy just got real. The last trailer and poster have been officially launched. If you haven’t seen any of these where [...]

Top 10 Franchise Films Coming in 2020

2019 might not have been the most stimulating of years in terms of Hollywood blockbusters and it would appear as though every major studio is endeavouring to stretch their collectable assets to the limit when it comes to producing “new” content. For example, the re-packaging and re-distribution of all of the animated Disney movies into [...]

Highlights from the D23 EXPO 2019

THE CONVENTION ________ In case you were wondering, the D23 (Disney) Expo pops up yearly in Anaheim, California. It is basically Comic-Con but for Disney devotees: 'The Ultimate Disney Fan Event'. It includes a three-day special convention comprising of shopping, celebrity panels, exclusive announcements, performances, all of your favourite Disney characters and much more. This [...]

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV Series

- ONE TV SHOW TO RULE THEM ALL - #LOTRonPrime The forthcoming Lord of the Rings TV series, produced by Amazon Studios has been quite the exciting wait. It comes nearly two decades since The Fellowship of the Ring was released to the world. Fans of the works by J. R. R. Tolkien (myself included) [...]