Film Review: Angel Has Fallen

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Release Date: August 2019 (UK)                     Certificate 15
Director: Ric Roman Butler                            Main Cast: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Danny Huston



Gerard Butler is back in the third instalment of ‘the Fallen’ movie franchise from Lionsgate. I wasn’t sure what the actual plot was going to be until the trailer revealed everything we needed to know. And there I was thinking that Angel was going to be some kind of special vehicle, oh…say a jumbo jet? Anyway, on to the review.

Exulted Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) must escape his own agency and the FBI this time after being framed and accused of an elaborate assassination attempt on the President (Morgan Freeman). Banning enlists the help of an unsuspecting hero from his past in his mission to discover the truth, clear his name, and save the President from the real threat.

This action thriller combines electrifying explosive scenes and excessive gun combat but fewer actual fisticuffs than the previous films. One aspect of these films in which I very much enjoy is the creative way in which they put Banning’s physical skillset to use. However, I guess he does have a hidden injury in this film so I will cut him some slack for now. That being said, Banning is ever the categoric Secret Service Agent and approaches his line of work with absolute, unapologetic ruthlessness. Only this time it’s personal and he uses weapons instead of his knuckles. The scene when we come to realise the President is in imminent danger is at the very beginning and is remarkably tense: splashing, explosions, flames, screaming. This is the clip we see in the trailer and is perhaps one of the most prominent scenes in the movie.

Judging the film as a whole, I was really hoping that it would be just as/more engaging as the last two. However, in terms of plot there wasn’t that much to grip on to and we know that Banning will retaliate and succeed (with bloodshed no doubt). I do understand that being accused and framed must not be the most invigorating of prospects but it is more the predictability that I have some issues with. We just know that the President will be saved because let’s face it, this is Mike Banning, and he is a badass Agent that delivers every single time.

As I mentioned before, the explosive scenes were rather impressive! The use of crafty techniques proved viable and tactical when it comes to killing off the bad guys which kept the action sequences going.

Admittedly, what we have is a sequel that is somewhat superfluous, a little predictable and even more far-fetched than the rest. This being said, there were some funny moments (be sure to watch the post-credit segment) which lightened the mood slightly and brings back Banning’s witty sense of humour, even in the face of danger.

This film is given a rating of 3/5 stars from Screen Bunny as it was enjoyable but a little far-reaching. But do go and watch this if you liked the other two or if you happen to be a Gerry Butler fan. This review has been short and sweet but I hope it has enlightened your thoughts.

Please do go and see this film (or any film for that matter) and keep our cinemas in business! #lovefilmlovecinema

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