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5 Apps To Help You Choose What To Watch

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There’s nothing worse than getting the itch to watch a really great film or TV show and getting stumped when it comes to pressing play.

Thanks to the endless variety of streaming services available to us, we have more choice of what to watch than ever! But, do you ever find yourself scrolling through page after page on Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV (the list goes on) and never actually settling on something?

With so much choice, we’ve put together the top apps and sites to help you on your viewing journey:


This Internet Movie Database app is any film fan’s dream. Use it to browse trailers, read the latest reviews, and pull up your favourite actor’s filmography. IMDB is perfect at curating watchlists for you, from ‘top-rated movie’ lists to ‘most popular by genre’ collections. What’s better is that you can also see the film’s audience rating all in the same place. We’d recommend making this your go-to-app for inspiration and weighing up what’s hot…or not!


Social networking has never felt so good. Find and follow your friends to see what they’re enjoying, and use them to spur on your next film choice. Want somewhere to create and tick off your ultimate movie-bucket list too? The Letterboxd app has you covered.


Imagine if there was a tool where you could choose a streaming service, pick your genre, and filter by score to generate a randomised film/show to watch? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but Reelgood’s Roulette does just that! Let the choice be made for you. Sure, it’s sometimes a little too tailored to those in the US, but we’re happy spinning a few more times on the site to find the perfect flick.

Tiny Decisions

Already have a watchlist in your head but want to let fate do the talking? Simply plug in your options and let the spinning wheel work its magic. The Tiny Decisions app will pick a random answer, ending your what-to-watch-dilemma in seconds.


If you’re as eager as us for the long-awaited re-opening of cinemas, then you’ll take pleasure in downloading Cinemap for when the time comes. This app is all about screenings and tickets; you’ll be able to see showtimes near you from all of your nearby cinemas and across the rest of the UK. We love this one for making planning movie nights easier.

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Juliette Perks

Written by Juliette Perks

Jules is an experienced marketing professional and holds masters degree in Film & Television Aesthetics. She loves binge-watching movies and TV shows and joined Screen Bunny to share her enthusiasm for the film and entertainment industry with others.


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