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19 Scary Streams This Halloween

It’s October, so you all know what that means! It’s time to switch the lights off, close the curtains, and enjoy the tradition of watching the right kind of horror flick.

That’s right, it’s officially time to celebrate all things scary and chilling (with a dash of evil), and we’ve rounded up a list of must-watches for the most fearless of you all!

Whether your go-to Halloween watch is a classic, or you prefer to get stuck into something more modern, here’s our best picks to get you into the mood…

1 – Quiet Place (2018)

Watch for: John Krasinski’s talents in horror writing. The story is unique and tense, featuring blind but noise sensitive creatures spreading terror and hunting humans.

Scariest moment: Evelyn (Emily Blunt) hiding in the bathroom and doing her best to stop from making any noise or screaming (at a really, really bad time. Like, really.)

Streaming on: Netflix


2 – The Conjuring (2013)

Watch for: A supernatural story from Director James Wan. There’s hauntings, paranormal investigator’s and some serious jump scares.

Scariest moment: A dark night is filled with terrifying noises in the children’s bedroom and an evil force is making its presence known. You’ll never want to look inside or near a wardrobe ever again.

Streaming on: Netflix

3 – Creep (2004)

Watch for: Reasons to never get locked in a London Underground overnight and lessons on dealing with stalkers.

Scariest moment: A victim is strapped to a table whilst a deformed killer prepares for her death. The scene plays out like the murderer is prepping for an operation, moving meticulously and building to an eye-covering climax.

Streaming on:  rent on Amazon Prime Video

4 – Get Out (2017)

Watch for: A bold and unforgiving depiction of racial alienation, full of uncomfortable and cringe worthy moments. The point of the film is as nerve-wracking as our protagonists life-threatening experiences.

Scariest moment: Chris’ experience in the sunken place for the first time; a hellish image where the victim is a prisoner in his own mind.

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video

5 – The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Watch for: A series full of hidden ghosts and hidden scares, with epic and believable performances surrounding family and grief.

Scariest moment: Shirley (Elizabeth Reaser) and Theo (Kate Siegel) are driving to find their brother Luke, before getting into a huge argument. There’s an unexpected and heart-racing scare that’s sure to knock the bejesus out of viewers!

Streaming on: Netflix

6 – Hereditary (2018)

Watch for: The film’s ability to create tension and leave you with an unnerving paranoia and feeling that something seriously bad is about to happen. It’s also an enigmatic portrayal of turmoil and guilt.

Scariest moment: A shocking scene that is too much of a surprise to even reference! We’ll give you a clue though… it happens when Peter is driving and it’s completely jaw-dropping.

Streaming on: Netflix


7 – A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Watch for: The start of one hell of a franchise! It’s by Wes Craven and features one of the most iconic serial killers of all time, in one of the most recognisable costumes.

Scariest moment: 1, 2, Freddie’s coming for you…if that song isn’t enough to give you goosebumps then try watching your girlfriend being attacked by an unknown force. Sorry, Rod (Jsu Garcia).

Streaming on: Netflix


8 – Halloween (1978)

Watch for: The birth of the infamous Michael Myers, and one of the best slasher films ever made.

Scariest moment: The opening sequence, as you’re forced to watch a first-person perspective of someone in a clown costume stalking and murdering their older sister. It’s voyeuristic and the big reveal of who is behind the mask is even more terrifying.

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video

9 – Ringu (1998)

Watch for: It’s cultural heritage and the fact it’s loosely based on an 18th century Japanese ghost story.

Scariest moment: The first time you realise Sadako (Rie Inō) has the ability to crawl out of the TV set. *Turns off all TVs in the house* Yikes!

Streaming on: Shudder

10 – Saw (2004)

Watch for: Gore, gore and more gore! This is the start of the gruesome franchise full of psychological games, booby traps and the creepiest puppet on a tricycle. Are you sure you want to play a game?

Scariest moment: We’ve got to give this award to the first ever time we see Billy. The puppet is exceptionally unnerving, and nothing can prepare you for his eerie head turn or the sound of his squeaky wheels. Spine-tingling to say the least!

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video


11 – The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Watch for: A smart, slow-burn thriller that knows how to build suspense. It’s even got two serial killers to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Scariest moment: Hannibal (Anthony Hopkins) showcases his brutality as he butchers two innocent police offers. The whole sequence is the film’s most graphic as it flips from psychological terror to outright cannibalism real quick.

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video


12 – Sinister (2012)

Watch for: Ethan Hawke researching a serial killer, whilst battling off supernatural forces. Expect cheap jump-scares and disturbing freeze-frames.

Scariest moment: The lawnmower – it’s painstakingly loud and will catch you completely off guard. What’s worse? When you realise who is dishing out the slayings.

Streaming on: Netflix

13 – Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Watch for: An atmospheric gothic horror set in the 18th century. Tim Burton’s stamp means it looks and feels positively eerie and unique, and Johnny Depp draws you in as the lead role.

Scariest moment: Depp leans in close to the camera and uncovers the true face of the witch. If things weren’t already weird enough, you may find yourself wanting to close your eyes if scary faces are a trigger for your nerves!

Streaming on: Sky Cinema

14 – The Descent (2005)

Watch for: A claustrophobic, fast-paced horror with a decent bit of action. It features female heroines, monsters, and unforgiving tunnels two miles underground. You’ll never want to face the dark again.

Scariest moment: Our heroines lose their last source of light and turn on their night vision, still trying to frantically look around the caves. Out of nowhere, a creature appears behind an unsuspecting victim – a scene sure to shock unexpecting viewers!

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video

15 – The Exorcist (1973)

Watch for: The classic that made you terrified of 12-year-olds. Expect devil possessions, priest attacks and grisly exorcisms.

Scariest moment: Regan (Linda Blair) twisting her head around. Her bones are crunching and she keeps a twisted smile on her face – there’s nothing normal about this scene!

Streaming on: Sky Cinema / rent on Amazon Prime Video


16 – The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Watch for: A remake of Wes Craven’s original film of the same name. Psychotic cannibals kidnap an unsuspecting family, and a vicious fight ensues. The culprit? Nuclear tests conducted by the USA. It’s a nail-biting but fun watch.

Scariest moment: When the lizard-like creature attacks the women of the family. It’s a disturbing and sickening scene, with some questionable acts of violence.

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video

17 – The Orphanage (2007)

Watch for: There’s nothing like a foreign supernatural horror flick. The Orphanage is a grim ghost story that feels emotionally resonant, but also offers some huge creepy scares. It’s got Del Toro’s thumbprint on it too, thanks to his executive producer role.

Scariest moment: “One, two, three: knock on the wall!”…it’s one of the bigger jumpy scenes in which a dark truth is also discovered. Eerie and full of dread!

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video

18 – The Shining (1980)

Watch for: One of the classics. There’s nothing quite like The Shining, and even though Stephen King wasn’t a fan of Kubrick’s adaption, we still think it’s pretty special. It’s worth it for the exaggerated performances, terrifying setting, and suspenseful climax.

Scariest moment: There’s a few contenders for this film, but we have to say it’s the woman from room 237. Don’t go in there, just don’t.

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video


19 – Wolf Creek (2005)

Watch for: An Australian outback horror partially based on actual events. This is one film sure to put you off travelling for a while.

Scariest moment: One of the psychopath’s victims is caught unaware whilst frantically trying to get away. Her death is gruesome and the scene feels scarily real and never-ending!

Streaming on: rent on Amazon Prime Video

That’s it for our Halloween run down for all those who dare to dive in head first! Which one will you kick off with?


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Juliette Perks

Written by Juliette Perks

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