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Ladies and gentlemen, Netflix graced us with the series we’ve all been waiting for!

Bridgerton landed on the streaming site on Christmas Day, and this latest adaptation takes place in the competitive world of Regency era London’s Ton, during the competitive marriage market season. The show centres on two primary families; the Bridgerton’s and the Featherington’s as their debutantes are presented at court.

The new series has been a hit with viewers alike, and if you haven’t yet watched it, here’s 10 reasons why you absolutely must…

1) It’s a piece of alternate history

Bridgerton couldn’t have dropped at a more perfect time. It’s the sense of escapism we all need, thanks to its completely fictitious and sensationalised plotlines which delve into a wild array of themes against the epoch of 1813. Think Gossip Girl meets Scandal who then meets Jane Austen as they all join forces to spread London’s hidden truths, from secret or unwed affairs, to wealth and unwanted meddling, to tainted family history and the notion of love, all the way to questionable manipulation and even death. If you thought of it, Bridgerton has got it.

2) It’s awfully scandalous and saucy

Step into the world of Bridgerton and get lost amongst scandal, deceit and lies. It’s a perfect rendition of whodunnit, who said it, and what on earth’s going to happen next?! Not to mention the sauciness of the show as creator Chris Van Dusen goes all out; expect debauchery at exclusive parties, solo sauciness, pre-death sauciness, library-sauciness and outrageous montages of utter scandal. You get the picture. The best thing about Bridgerton though is it naturally doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering many hilarious and quirky encounters.

3) It’s from Shondaland and exudes diversity

Yup, Bridgerton is from the team that brought you Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Shonda Rhimes’ shows are quite known for their diverse casts and this is particularly amazing to see in Bridgerton, whereby casting is atypical of the time it was set in; it’s refreshing to watch a period piece that doesn’t comprise of an all-white-cast in high-ranking characters, including the Queen.

4) The Duke of Hastings

Need there be more said? Is there anyone more swoon-worthy than the Duke of Hastings? The answer is no there is not, but in all seriousness, Regé-Jean Page, who plays Duke Simon Basset, delivers a truly grand performance as the kind of bad boy, kind of lovely, but definitely scarred and troubled love interest of Daphne, our leading lady (Phoebe Dynevor).

5) Orchestral remixes

Bridgerton woos us with its music too! Our favourite pop hits have been remixed into completely riveting and mesmerising orchestral covers. You’ll hear a String Quartet of Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next’, and fall in love with reprises of Bad Guy, Wildest Dreams, and In My Blood. The list continues, but, you’ll be swept up in the music as it tells the story behind each ballroom dance and every courtship.

6) It sparks important discussions

The series is not without controversy, as it depicted one of the most unsettling moments in episode 6. Without spoilers, we’re hoping the unfathomable and disconcerting moment is seen to spark important discussions about consent and relationships, as opposed to glamourising the behaviour.

On a more positive note, we believe the character of Eloise Bridgerton is a fiery reminder to stand up for what you believe in and to be yourself. Eloise is a feminist, opposed to her future duties of marrying and having children, and she dares to dream big. She says what she wants, eats how she wants, chooses to smoke because she wants to, and doesn’t doubt her own brain -for a woman in that time period, Eloise has huge “radical” aspirations and we’re cheering her on to realise them. What a role model!

7) Dazzling costumes and set

The show is a colourful display of elegant costumes and set design. Most characters don their jewels and feathers, and hunt out the most elaborate dresses they can find to outshine the other families. From silk to ruffles, to eye-catching floral patterns and puffed sleeves, the costumes are wonderous, and the extravagant wigs are even more incredible. As for the set, on-location filming in places such as Bath and Hatfield House make for stunning backdrops, and you’ll find yourself constantly admiring the architecture.

8) The narrator is Julie Andrews

Who would have ever thought that we’d hear Julie Andrews narrate such scandal? Dame Julie Andrews takes on the voice of the mysterious Lady Whistledown, and as the narrator, she reads snippets from the latest gossip columns which stun the high society fellows. She serves a purposeful role at filling in the audience, and her distinguishable accent is both incomparable and delightful.

9) There’s duels, actual duels!

What other show lately ramps up the anticipation and tension in the form of an old fashioned duel? Someone has upset your sister? Well then, let’s settle it with a duel. Will the duellers both shoot? Who will shoot first? and what will be the end result? It’s not often you get to ask yourself these questions, okay?!

10) A second season will be coming

Fear not friends, Netflix have already confirmed that Bridgerton will be returning for season two. We can only hope to look forward to more scandals, slow-mo waltzing, and romancing. Oh and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but, given that there are 10 Bridgerton family books, who knows where the show could take us?!

Haven’t started Bridgerton yet? Then do hurry, “the social season is upon us!”

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