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10 Films To Avoid During Lockdown

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Lockdown low-down: our top isolation films to avoid

Whilst many of us are stuck at home and adjusting to some big changes to our daily routines, there’s one thing for certain – we’re all reaching for the TV remote for that feeling of escapism.

You’ve got your popcorn at the ready, but what to watch? Well, we’ve put together a list of films to avoid during this time! Sure, they’re great flicks, but why don’t we save the isolation themes for another day?

127 Hours, 2010

James Franco gets trapped under a boulder and shares some survival skills we’re not looking to pick up during isolation. We’ll stick to competing for our Tesco delivery slots instead.

28 Days Later, 2002

Watching Cillian Murphy avoiding zombies is just a harsh reminder of what it’s like trying to go for a socially-distant run. We’ll save this great British horror for Halloween time.

Cast Away, 2000

Tom Hanks becomes so lonely he finds a friend in an inanimate object. We haven’t quite got to the point of hugging a volleyball just yet…give us a few more weeks maybe and who knows.

Misery, 1990

Kathy Bates isn’t the doting friend you’d want to share your self-isolation with. The hints in the title though isn’t it?

Oldboy, 2003

When is a good time to watch this? Choi Min-sik finds himself in literal hell, but if we’re going to watch something about anyone being locked up, we’d prefer to stick on Disney’s Tangled this time round. At least it’ll give us the happy ending we all need.

Panic Room, 2002

Being cooped up in the house is bad enough, but luckily we’re not battling off intruders alongside Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart. We won’t say no to Jared Leto knocking on our door though…

Room, 2015

Brie Larson has been kidnapped and her on-screen son Jacob Tremblay has never experienced the outside world. We probably don’t want to feel anymore confined than we already do – all hail a good walk to the park.

Saw, 2004

No, we absolutely do not want to play a game. That’s what Leigh Whannell and Cary Elwes should’ve said before fighting for their lives in an abandoned bathroom. Unless, of course, you mean monopoly? Because we are so ready for round 1572 of lockdown.

Shutter Island, 2010

It’s just too painful to watch Leonardo DiCaprio go through all of this again. We’re not ready to visit that Island anytime soon.

The Shining, 1980

All work and no play makes everyone a dull boy. Jack Nicholson is the epitome of how not to deal with isolation.

So, there you have it, we’ve picked the flicks you should be avoiding whilst self-isolating, social-distancing and staying safe. We hope we’ve guided you on your way towards the perkier films for now, but don’t forget to check-in and revisit these films on a better and brighter day (because they’re pretty special).

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Written by Juliette Perks

If Jules isn’t watching movies, she’s listening to them. She loves movie scores, binge-watching content, seeking out hidden gems in foreign cinema, and her passion for Nolan, Tarantino and Fincher is not to be trifled with. She holds a masters degree in Film & Television Aesthetics.


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